Sunday, September 12, 2010

AutoStitch Panorama iPhone App Review

Our family went for a weekend of camping at Lewis Campgrounds in French Meadows (+39° 8' 13.74", -120° 24' 37.49" Lat/Lon) in California. The weather was perfect: no rain, neither too hot nor too cold. We were having fun barbecuing, enjoying company of friends and nature. During the day hike this small reservoir captured my imagination. Beautiful blue water against backdrop of lush green mountain range and blue sky was a moment that needed to be captured and shared. I took out my iPhone 4 and took 3 pictures carefully from left to right. Hoping there must be an app for that: stitching the pictures together.

On the way back while my beautiful wife was driving while I searched "photo stitch" on AppStore. Then I downloaded most rated "AutoStitch Panorama" for $2.99. I was very impressed with the simplicity of the app. The app rocks for its simplicity, ease of configuration and operation.

Configuring Options:
From home screen tap on "Info" --> "Option" and configure for the resolution your data usage and storage requirements. Setup Blending to Best. Setting blending to None/Standard is faster but output is very poor quality. Here are few screen shots of configuration screens.

Stitching the pictures:

Once the configuration is done you are ready to stitch the pictures. On the home screen choose "Camera Roll" select images you want to stitch together. Once you have input the pictures tap on "Stitch" and you are all set. The app does all the magic and presents a beautifully stitched image. Take a look at the output if you like it "Crop" it and you are ready to share.

If you are satisfied with the output you can save it local images, send it via email or post it to your Facebook Wall. I use email most often to add pictures to my picasaweb album.

If you are wondering how did my three pictures on the top looked after stitched using 100% Resolution and Best Blending, here it is:

Pretty cool. I found this app to work best on still scenes. As, IMO, algorithm can easily identify commonality between two images and use that to stitch a panoramic view. However, I was able to take five pictures of our tired group after camping seating in a lunch table and stitch them together. It was not bad:

Enjoy panoramic pictures on your iPhone. And don't forget to share. If you need more info got to the AutoStitch Website.

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Enjoy your iPhone and AutoStitch app.

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