Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My experience with Moto 360

Moto 360 Experience.

My number one reason to buy the Moto 360 watch was to set my son's picture as my personalized watch face. I bought this watch from by only looking at pictures and specifications. Few other things that I liked were:
  1. Round shape
  2. Android compatibility
  3. And, a full day battery life
Following picture captures why I bought Moto 360.

My son on Moto 360 watch-face.


The watch comes beautifully packed in a nice package. Easy to open and get started. The battery had some charge in it. But before I started I charged it to fullest. 

Getting Started:

Before pairing the watch with phone (I am using Samsung Note 3) download install following two apps:
1. Android Wear: link on Play store
2. Motorola Connect App: link on play store

Then pair your Moto 360 to your phone. It took me somewhere about 40 minutes from updating the app software to pairing with Note 3. Here is a youtube video of how to do it.

The Rough Beginning

1. My goal was to set a custom watch face with picture in my phone. I tried using Motorola Connect app. Well thats when my problems started. I just could not get the phone to sync with the app to update my custom watch face with the picture. I probably tried to reset the device about 20 times. Yes I was committed to get it [watch face] on. I got it working at least once. That is the picture above.  And that was only time it worked.
2. After some searching I cam across "Watch faces for Android Wear" by Intellicom (Play store link). Although it takes some work to design the watch face it worked like a charm.

A Pleasant Surprise

One the biggest surprising discovery for me was fitness data. For the duration I wore my watch I had this urge to keep my fitness stats up. That included not to sit for long time, take daily walks and try and keep myself active.


What drove me nuts and wasted a lot of my time was fact that watch lost its bluetooth connection frequently [to my Note 3] as I would not keep phone with me all the time. It never re-paired itself with the phone when they were near. To re-pair I always had to reset the watch. It took time, more than 10 minutes. If there is one thing that Motorola should fix in next version it should be to make watch work seamlessly with phone. And nor more resets to pair please. It is a beautiful watch and I like to use it for more than two weeks.

Moving On

It is too tiring to keep up with this watch. The wearable is supposed to help save my time and energy. Instead I find myself serving this watch and seeing time to keep it connected and working. So it is sad to say that I have to keep this one in the gadget box. Even my 10 year old does not want it. Trying apple watch next. Apple products work well with each other so hopefully the watch stays connected at very least.

"Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music" video to cross 100M+ views on YouTube

As of Sat 26, 2009 there are only youtube videos with 100M+ views. The top spot is still held by Jusdon Laipply's evolution of dance with 126M views with Avril's Girlfriend music video close second with 125M+ views. Evolution of dance was posted on April 6, 2006. Aviril's video was posted on Feb 27, 2007. Aviril's video will most probably become #1 youtube video.

So far there are only 4 youtube videos that have crossed 100M+ views. The fifth being Rihanna's "Don't Stop The Music" with 99M+ views.

Top 10 Youtube videos:
  1. 126,795,745 views: Evolution of Dance.
  2. 125,974,726 views: Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend.
  3. 122,565,011 views: Charlie bit my finger - again !
  4. 101,387,693 views: Miley Cyrus - 7 Things - Official Music Video
  5. 99,050,417 views: Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music
  6. 98,204,836 views: Chris Brown - With You
  7. 97,955,354 views: Lo que tú Quieras Oír
  8. 95,540,762 views: Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Dead Terrorist
  9. 92,174,098 views: Hahaha
  10. 89,992,327 views: Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love